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A better way to clean up spills

ServoMate makes cleaning up spills quicker, easier, and safer while simultaneously helping out our environment by reducing contaminated waste.


An amazing breakthrough

ServoMate is a water soluble natural cleaning agent which is specially formulated for the toughest of cleaning jobs. It is particularly effective in emulsifying and the removal of animal, plant, mineral and synthetic-based fats, oils and greases (FOGs), especially those that are hydrocarbon based. ServoMate promotes the natural degradation process of fats, oils and grease, odours and effluent.

ServoMate makes the oils and fats biologically more available (digestible and edible) for microbes and bacteria, as already occurs in nature. ServoMate is non-toxic, non-flammable, fully biodegradable, made from renewable s and may be applied by mixing, spraying, immersion or wiping down. 

No harmful chemicals

Made from naturally growing and renewable raw materials.

Providing an environmentally safer way to clean up spills.


ServoMate emulsifies and breaks down the carbon chains leaving the hydrocarbon in a state where the bioremediation process can excel.

A safer way

Break down all of the spill and bio remediate it on site. ServoMate provides a safer and easier way to deal with your spill. Without moving your contamination  to a landfill.  

Why choose ServoMate

There are many reasons why you should choose ServoMate, here are just a few.


ServoMate offers considerable savings in your clean up process.


ServoMate is made from only naturally growing and renewable raw materials. Each batch is made and tested here in Australia.


ServoMate is 

fully biodegradable,




solvent free

and is not classified as a dangerous good.