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How ServoMate works

ServoMate works by reducing the hydrocarbon compounds into extremely small particles. This is achieved by breaking up the surface tension. This break up of the surface tension, disperses the hydrocarbons as fine droplets for fast bacterial breakdown.

Surface Tension is an elastic-like bond in the surface of a body (Liquid, gas or solid). ServoMate breaks down this surface tension through its composition of a hydrophobic tail (water repelling) and a hydrophilic head (water attracting). These work to reduce the surface tension of a spill thereby increasing its spreading and wetting properties through a property known as adsorption.

The living cells in ServoMate preform very well under extreme conditions including temperature, PH and salinity. They pack a punch working instantly dissolving the spill. They are noncorrosive so will not affect the surface been cleaned, non-toxic and dermatology proven to be safe on your skin. Best of all they are safe for our environment, made using no animal or petrolatum products making it very sustainable and Vegan friendly.