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Bioremediate your spill

An easier way to deal with your spill, in an environmentally friendly way.

Why ServoMate?

A liquid solution - making it easier to use

Dermatology proven to be safe on skin.  

ServoMate provides an environmentally safe and easy way to deal with your spill on site.

No Harmful Chemicals

Made from naturally growing and renewable raw materials.

Providing a environmentally safer way to clean up spills. Cruelty free and Vegan friendly.



ServoMate uses microorganisms to break down the hydrocarbons on site.

Eliminating the need to remove the spill and dispose of it elsewhere.  

Benefits Of ServoMate

  • An easier way to deal with your spill

  • Quickly and easily applied 

  • Bio remediate hydrocarbons on site, without the need for any remoival

  • Environmentally safe

  • Works well in wet weather and near water

  • Rapidly cleans dried up spills

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